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Ethical training thoughts and tips

22. Oktober 2018 08:00 Uhr - 16:00 Uhr
Ort: Zoogesellschaftshaus, Kleiner Saal

Tagung für Zootierpflegerinnen und Zootierpfleger
mit Gabby Harris, Animal Welfare and Behaviour Management

Der Workshop findet in englischer Sprache statt und wird übersetzt.



Ensuring an animal has a sense of choice and control – both in and out of training sessions is essential to ensure their well-being.  A summary of welfare and what it means will be outlined.  Observation strategies and a summary of the concept of enrichment will be discussed. Positive reinforcement training can be detrimental to animals if it is initiated unconsciously.  Discussion will outline how to ensure that we mitigate any possible negative impact on the animals we care for.


The biggest skill when working with animals is to be attentive to our own feelings. The importance of being objective and reducing our anthropomorphism to ensure that we are truly looking after the animal’s best interests will be shared. 

With regard to positive reinforcement training, practical suggestions to ensure we are reflecting outwards in a conscious manner will include two subjects

- Attention
- Reinforcement strategies.

Attentive animals

Providing the animal the opportunity to pay attention in the appropriate manner is fundamental to success. This workshop/seminar will describe appropriate attention, detail what occurs relative to the stress model – how important appropriate attention is, and provide practical suggestions and practices to improve attention. 

Reinforcement strategies

Reinforcement is a concept that can be confusing. The basic definition is that something is reinforcing if the behaviour it was used to ‘reinforce’ is strengthened. To make our reinforcement ‘optimal’, we need to bear some basic concepts in mind.  We will look at reinforcement, and detail how to ensure it remains just that – reinforcement. Different strategies will be described, and we will debate and play with how to practically use the strategies. 

Problem solving

A workshop to assist keepers to problem solves in a logical and pragmatic manner can be presented.  This workshop provides keepers with the ability to evaluate problems and look for solutions in an unbiased and pragmatic manner. 

Die Tagung richtet sich ausschließlich an Zootierpflegerinnen und Zootierpfleger.
Die Tagungs-Kosten betragen 45 €. Die Teilnehmer-Anzahl ist begrenzt.

Anmeldung bei:

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