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We are very pleased to welcome you to Frankfurt Zoo. True to its motto "Experience animals - preserve nature", Frankfurt Zoo offers its visitors an authentic animal experience and is committed to nature and species conservation.

The Grzimekhaus will be closed for 4 to 6 weeks from May 8th due to construction work.

Due to the reconstruction of the lion enclosure, there are currently no lions on display at our zoo.

You can find current information regarding your zoo visit here.

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Make your visit to the zoo more valuable with the voluntary Nature Conservation Euro

During your next visit to the zoo, you can give the voluntary Nature Conservation Euro and support six selected nature conservation projects. The aim: to preserve habitats and biodiversity.

A Wonderland for Weirdos

In the former penguin enclosure in the Exotarium, a miniature ecosystem is being created - our new mangrove landscape.

Mangrove forests are fascinating habitats between land and sea. They are among the most species-rich ecosystems on earth. Why this is so and how important mangroves are for us can soon be found out in the Exotarium. The new enclosure will be home to a variety of very special and endangered species.

Support for mudskippers and more: Simply send an SMS with the keyword MANGROVE to 81190 and support the project with 5 € (minus a service fee of 0.17 €).

Together for the Zoo: Zoo-Freunde Frankfurt

The 'Zoo-Freunde Frankfurt e.V.' (Friends of Frankfurt Zoo) is the support association of Frankfurt Zoo. They are committed to its development and support it in its tasks - especially in the areas of species conservation and education.

Is Frankfurt Zoo close to your heart?
By becoming a member of the Friends of Frankfurt Zoo, you can become more involved with the zoos activities.

Reconstruction of the lion enclosure

The Asiatic Lion enclosure at Frankfurt Zoo is being rebuilt to give the animals more space.

Lion KUMAR and lioness ZARINA have moved behind the scenes in Ukumari-Land during the renovation. Therefore, there are no lions currently on display at Frankfurt Zoo at the moment.