Ein Okapi steht vor Holzzaun, teilweise durch Baum verdeckt
Ein Okapi steht vor Holzzaun, teilweise durch Baum verdeckt
Ein Okapi steht vor Holzzaun, teilweise durch Baum verdeckt
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Small contribution, big impact: The Nature Conservation Euro

With the voluntary Nature Conservation Euro, you can support six selected nature conservation projects during your visit to the zoo: two in Hesse plus four more worldwide.


The Nature Conservation Euro is a voluntary, earmarked donation that visitors can give when buying admission tickets for adults, families, groups and when buying annual tickets for adults and families.

Those who do not wish to pay the Nature Conservation Euro can indicate this at the zoo box office before purchasing tickets. The fee will then not be charged. You can also opt in or out of the Naturschutz-Euro when buying tickets in the Zoo's online shop.

100 percent of the donations from the Nature Conservation Euro go to nature conservation projects in the region and worldwide that are supported by Frankfurt Zoo. There are no deductions for administrative costs.

Help that gets through

The voluntary Nature Conservation Euro goes 100 per cent to six selected projects that Frankfurt Zoo supports in the long term. The goal: to preserve habitats and biodiversity. The money is used, for example, to train rangers and equip them for their work, to finance information and education measures on site, to carry out ecological monitoring and to operate rescue stations and reintroduction centres. 

At the zoo, you can get an idea of how exactly this works and where the donations are converted into concrete nature conservation: A small exhibition in the new "Nature Conservation Info Box" shows anyone interested where the money from the Nature Conservation Euro goes. 

The Nature Conservation Euro is a valuable contribution that we could not make without your help. For your support we say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

These are the projects the zoo supports and you can help us with

  • Biodiversity in the Manu National Park in Peru
    Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS)

  • Humboldt Penguins in Chile and Peru
    Sphenisco - Association for the Rescue of the Humboldt Penguin e. V.

  • Help for honey bees and insects in Hesse
    'Die BIENENBOTSCHAFT' (Bee Embassy)

  • Natural Forest Development in the Wispertaunus, Hesse, FZS

  • Serengeti Conservation Project in Tanzania, FZS

  • Bukit Tiga Puluh Conservation Programme in Indonesia, FZS