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How big is Frankfurt Zoo?

Frankfurt Zoo has an area of 11 hectares. In order to be able to use this area primarily for our animals, important service buildings such as the main kitchen, greenhouses as well as the quarantine station are located on a plot of land directly adjacent to the zoo.

How many animals live at Frankfurt Zoo?

About 4,000 individuals from over 400 species live in Frankfurt Zoo. Most of the animal species are housed in the Exotarium and the Grzimek House.

How many employees does Frankfurt Zoo have?

Frankfurt Zoo has 185 employees, most of whom are zookeepers caring directly for the animals. 

Which is the newest and the oldest animal enclosure at Frankfurt Zoo?

The newest animal enclosure is the outdoor enclosure for Humboldt penguins, which opened in 2019. The oldest enclosure is the aviary for birds of prey, which is 147 years old.

How much food do the animals at Frankfurt Zoo consume per year?

Since many of our animals have a very specialised diet, we unfortunately cannot list every food-type consumed. Only this much: every year we feed over 65 tonnes of apples, 36 tonnes of carrots, 16 tonnes of fish and another 20 tonnes of meat to the animals in our care. 

What is the largest animal at Frankfurt Zoo?

The tallest animal is undoubtedly our female giraffe SHUJAA with an estimated head height of 4.5 - 5 metres. The heaviest animal, however, is our hippo PETRA, weighing more than 1.5 tonnes.

What is the smallest animal at Frankfurt Zoo?

Although many of the animals in the Grzimek House are very small (e.g. the mouse lemurs), some animals can be found in the Exotarium that are even a size smaller. The absolute front-runners in this category are the South American leafcutter ants with a body length of about 3 mm.

Which animal has the most sponsors?

The undisputed favourites of our visitors are the meerkats, also very popular are the dwarf goat.

How many visitors does the zoo have per year?

Frankfurt Zoo had 838,953 visitors in 2022, making it one of the most visited zoos in Germany.