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An ecosystem in miniature is being created in the former penguin enclosure in the Exotarium - our new mangrove landscape.

Mangroves are fascinating habitats between land and sea. They are among the most species-rich ecosystems of all. Why this is so and how important mangroves are for us humans can soon be found out in the Exotarium. The facility will be home to very special and partly endangered species such as the northern river terrapin, mudskipper, hydrosaurus, horseshoe crab and archerfish.

The 66-square-metre former penguin enclosure has to be fundamentally rebuilt and renovated for this purpose.

  • The large panes of safety glass had to be refurbished.
  • The rocky landscape will be partly demolished and rebuilt.
  • New painting to enhance the impression of the landscape.
  • Planting islands have to be created and filled with soil.
  • Mangrove plants, which we will receive from the Frankfurt Palmengarten, will be used.
  • A laying beach will be created for the turtles.
  • Special lamps provide optimal light for animals and plants.
  • Racks, which are modelled on the aerial roots of the mangrove trees, are elaborately made by hand.
  • The equipment and technology must be adapted to the conditions in brackish water (a mixture of fresh and salt water). Special concrete and a special coating are used here.

Even though there is no completion date for the time being - the reconstruction of the facility has begun and the progress will be visible once the demolition and concrete work has been completed. 

A cooperation with the Frankfurt Palmengarten.

Support for mudskippers and more

Mangrove fans and all those who would like to become one can support the conversion of the facility with a donation:

Frankfurt Zoo
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Support by SMS
Simply send an SMS with the keyword MANGROVE to 81190 and support the project with 5 Euros (minus a handling fee of 0.17 Euros).

Billing via the next mobile phone bill or the prepaid credit plus the standard SMS sending costs of the respective mobile phone provider. For each SMS over 5 Euros, Frankfurt Zoo receives 4.83 Euros for the mangrove project (5 Euros minus 0.17 Euros handling fee). A free SMS will be sent as confirmation.
Note: No donation receipt can be issued for support via SMS. Not all mobile phone providers support charity SMS or "mobile payment". For example, problems may arise with prepaid or business mobile phones. In this case, the mobile phone provider should be contacted directly.
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