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Zoo-Freunde Frankfurt e.V.

The 'Zoo-Freunde Frankfurt' (Friends of Frankfurt Zoo) is Frankfurt Zoo's support association. Just as Frankfurt Zoo was once founded by committed citizens, the Zoo-Freunde Frankfurt are committed to its development and support it in its tasks - especially in the areas of species conservation, education and research.

Become active

Frankfurt Zoo is close to your heart?

The 'Zoo-Freunde Frankfurt' give you the opportunity to become active and support Frankfurt Zoo.

You can help to redesign or build new facilities in close cooperation with the zoo through funding and, if necessary, active involvement.

And you participate in zoo events and organise information tables with extended offers (handicrafts, discoveries and games). The aim is to make visitors of all ages even more aware of the zoo animals and their wild relatives, their special features and their protection. 

You can find more information about the association and the membership application form at: