My contribution to nature conservation

Make your visit to the zoo more valuable with the Nature Conservation Euro

Starting now, you can use your voluntary Nature Conservation Euro to support six selected nature conservation projects every time you visit the zoo: two in Hesse and four more worldwide. 

The zoo supports these projects - and this is where you can help:

- Manu National Park in Peru
Zoological Society Frankfurt

- Humboldt Penguins in Chile and Peru
Sphenisco – Association for saving the Humboldt penguins

- Support for honey bees and insects in Hesse

- Natural forest development in Wispertaunus, Hesse
Zoological Society Frankfurt

- Serengeti protection project in Tansania
Zoological Society Frankfurt

- Bukit-Tiga-Puluh protective programme in Indonesia
Zoological Society Frankfurt

This is how the voluntary nature conservation euro works:

The Nature Conservation Euro is a voluntary, earmarked donation, which visitors can make when purchasing tickets for adults, families, groups, and annual passes for adults and families.

If you do not wish to pay the Nature Conservation Euro, please inform the the zoo ticket office before purchasing your tickets. In this case, the fee will not be charged.

When buying tickets in the zoo's online shop, you can also opt for or against the Nature Conservation Euro.

100 per cent of the donations from the Nature Conservation Euro go to nature conservation projects, both in the region and worldwide, which are supported by Frankfurt Zoo. There are no deductions for administrative costs.