Zoo rules

  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted in the zoo.
  • Please no bicycling, scooter-riding or inline-skating in the zoo.
  • Tricycles may be used by small children only when supervised by adults.
  • Do not feed the animals under any circumstances! Also, no twigs, leaves or grass – you may risk the animals’ lives!
  • Please do not throw any items into the animals’ enclosures – the animals may injure themselves.
  • Please remain on the footpaths and keep off grassy areas.
  • Please don’t blind the animals with camera flashes, flash lights or laser-pointers. Also, absolutely no photographing in the dark areas.
  • The use of selfie sticks is prohibited.
  • Balloons are not permitted in the zoo. If they burst, the animals may panic.
  • Please deposit all refuse in the trash cans.
  • Please bring any found items to the entry booth.

All the animals and the zoo staff thank you!