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Dear visitors,

Frankfurt Zoo is a non-profit cultural institution focusing on recreation, education, research and nature conservation. In order to ensure that our animals and visitors are well looked after and do not come to any harm, we have drawn up the following visitor regulations.

1. Preamble

Animals are living creatures and deserve our respect. Frankfurt Zoo offers the opportunity to observe animals and to experience them directly within reasonable boundaries. Visitors should not disturb or influence the natural behaviour of the animals. Therefore care should be taken to behave in an unobtrusive manner and to be a passive observer.

2. Admission tickets

Entry to Frankfurt Zoo is only permitted with valid admission tickets at the designated entrances. Day tickets entitle the bearer to a single visit to the zoo during general opening hours. Annual tickets are personalised and non-transferable. They entitle the holder to one year’s admission to the zoo from the date of purchase.
Holders of non-transferable tickets, such as annual tickets, must additionally prove their identity upon request by showing a valid official ID with photo.
Personalised tickets that are passed on to third parties or tampered with in contravention of these regulations will be confiscated by the zoo without compensation. Admission tickets must be presented upon request during a zoo visit.

3. General safety regulations

Smoking is prohibited in all animal houses and in specified areas. It is prohibited to light fires or carry dangerous weapons of any kind on zoo premises. 
It is prohibited to use bicycles, scooters, skateboards, sledges etc. within the zoo grounds. Exceptions are tricycles and training-bikes used by toddlers. Balls, ball games, balloons and playing/use of music devices are not permitted in the zoo for safety reasons. Many animals react reflexively to silently floating objects such as balloons by fleeing and panicking, as they instinctively suspect danger.

4. Behaviour towards the animals

Feeding animals on zoo grounds is strictly prohibited. Each animal receives species-appropriate portions from the zookeepers. Additional feeding leads to behavioural disorders and damage to health, even death. Teasing or disturbing the normal behaviour of animals is prohibited. This includes knocking on the windows of animal enclosures, throwing objects at the animals or waving conspicuously to attract the animals' attention.
Many animals have different resting phases or other activity rhythms during the day than we humans do. The animals' natural behavioural patterns should be respected and not interfered with.
Umbrellas, sticks or similar objects should not be held within the animals' reach. Throwing objects of any kind into the enclosures or water basins is prohibited. Due to their nature, animals are often unable to tell the difference between food and foreign items. Seals in particular die in agony from playfully ingested objects.

5. Visitor paths and safety barriers

It is forbidden to leave the visitor paths or other areas expressly made accessible to visitors. Visitor safety and animal protection can only be ensured by Frankfurt Zoo if all visitors stay on the paths and places within the zoo that are intended and secured for them. When visitors leave designated pathways, they may soil or damage their clothing or endanger their health. Zoo Frankfurt cannot be made liable for such damages. It is not permitted to climb on or over safety barriers or to place children on enclosure fences. 
Many children want to get as close to the animals as possible, but some animals can be very dangerous.
To prevent injuries, accidents or falls into animal enclosures, we ask that special attention be paid to children's safety.
It is forbidden to enter the grassed areas and to tear off leaves or branches. Parts of many plants can be poisonous to certain animals.

6. Bringing animals into the zoo

In the interest of the safety and health of our animals, dogs and other animals are not allowed in Frankfurt Zoo. This rule does not apply to guide dogs and other assistance dogs.

7. Use of the facilities at the zoo, liability

Consideration must be shown to other visitors. Seating or resting places are to be used exclusively for their intended purpose and, if necessary, be offered to elderly visitors or those in need. 
Litter must be disposed of in the bins provided. 
All instructions and directions given by Frankfurt Zoo staff are part of the smooth operation of the zoo and must be observed and followed by all visitors. If visitors do not follow staff instructions, they may be expelled from the zoo and are not entitled to compensation.

Visitors are liable for all damages caused by violations or non-observance of these visitor regulations. This includes damages caused by not following Zoo staff instructions. 
In the event of injury to life, limb or health caused by a breach of duty on the part of the zoo, its staff or vicarious agents, the statutory provisions shall apply. For other damages - irrespective of the cause - liability is limited to intent and gross negligence, unless a breach of essential contractual obligations is involved.

8. Scope of services

Out of consideration for our animals and for other important reasons, such as weather conditions, necessary maintenance and construction work, etc., the purchase of an admission ticket does not guarantee the visitor access to certain services, such as the presentation of certain animals or animal species or the possibility of using all facilities at all times.

9. Reporting damage and loss of objects

If visitors suffer damage during their visit to Frankfurt Zoo, this must be reported immediately to the zoo administration or at the ticket counters. It is difficult to prove a claim for damages if a report of damage is made after leaving the zoo grounds. Lost property must be handed in at the ticket counters, lost items can be collected there.

10. Advertising and offering of goods and services

Advertising on zoo premises, proffering goods and services and collecting item on zoo grounds are only permitted with prior written consent from the zoo management. This also applies to conducting opinion polls or surveys.

11. Photography and filming

Photographs may only be taken in areas freely accessible to visitors. The notices on individual photography bans in some buildings must be observed. For private, non-commercial purposes such as photo albums (printed or online), photos and films may be taken in the permitted areas. In some areas (e.g. nocturnal animal house) photography with flash is prohibited. Publication of photos and films/film clips from Frankfurt Zoo in media that are commercially marketed or serve the commercial advertising of products and services (e.g. books, brochures, posters, websites and DVDs) require prior written consent from Frankfurt Zoo. A fee may be charged for granting permission for publication.

Frankfurt am Main,
April 2nd 2012
Frankfurt Zoo