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Surgeon fish, bonobo, prehensile-tailed porcupine or chuckwalla: the needs of the zoo's inhabitants are as unusual as their names. We offer our numerous protégés a home that is as species-appropriate and close to nature as possible. In addition to competent and thoughtful care, this requires a large amount of a wide variety of food, well-equipped enclosures, medical care, animal activities and much more. All of this costs a lot of money.  You can support us by sponsoring an animal.

As a thank you for sponsoring an animal, you will receive:

  • A certificate and a profile of the chosen animal species.
  • Your name will be published - if you wish - on our sponsorship board at the zoo and/or on the zoo website.
  • An invitation for two people to the exclusive annual Animal Sponsor Day. 
  • On request, a donation receipt for donations of 300 euros or more.

Good to know:

  • As our animals already have names, taking on a sponsorship does not include the possibility of naming them.
  • The names of the animal sponsors will be published in the german animal encyclopaedia on our website, if desired.
  • At the Animal Sponsor Day you can get detailed information about your favourite animal. However, with the exception of the dwarf goats in the petting zoo, direct animal contact is not possible.
  • In the case of donation receipts, the following applies: Even amounts of less than 300 euros are recognised as donations by the tax office; in this case, it is sufficient to present the remittance slip.

Contact Animal Sponsorships

Sabine Binger
Tel.: 069 212-43080